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About Us

Who We Are

We are a London, United Kingdom based, Fine Gemstone and Fine Faceting Rough Dealer, that buy directly from Source from miners and sell on our websites and by email offers to everyone. 

We are 4th Generation Gemstone Dealers with a wealth of Experience and Knowledge that is second to none!

Having been brought up in East Africa and with our family being highly respected in the gemstone trade, gave us an incredible amount of exposure to dealers and literally to the masters in the gem trade at that time and we, absorbing all the information we could get, perfecting it, perfecting grading, buying, quality, cutting and expanding our customer base as well as sourcing directly from the mine owner.

We know all the miners we buy from personally and speak local languages too. 

Initially we were selling only to dealers, but now we sell to anyone at the same price using the power of the internet.


About Us


Above and Beyond Quality

Our stones are bought directly from Miners at Source and we hand select each stone one by one, removing the lower grades and only buying the best, the wow effect stones and the stones that stand out from their lots. 

We have been buying in East Africa for many years and are very well networked with miners. facet rough gemstones fine gemstones


We see first hand stones as they come out of the mines

Having been in the East African gem scene for so long we are very well known. We buy from hundreds of miners almost all small scale miners, many of whom we know personally and have been buying from them for years, cultivating long term relationships with them. 

We are well known for picking out the best stones from lots as they come in from the mines and paying a premium for it. We get first hand selection at stones that are mines sometimes a day before or hours before.


Quality is Important

We only buy stones that we can cut ourselves and due to many private facaeters asking if we can leave them in rough form, so that that can cut it themselves, we started selling fine faceting rough which we offer out on the site for anyone to buy.

Our stones are known for being the best of the best. 

About Us


We Support Mining Commuinities

We buy from small scale miners that support local communities in their villages. Most small miners are farmers so they are either farming or mining the mines on their farms. We make sure they benefit their local communities as well as carry out ethical mining. ie. no child labor, minimum impact to environment, sustainable mining, community based mining to help their local villages where miners comprise mostly of local villagers taking the proceeds back home.

We also advise local miners on how to grade and sort their material right at the mine to get the most from their stones. (Works for us as we buy only the best)


Relationships Relationships Relationships

Thats what its about!

We maintain strong relationships between miners and us and buyers and us. One that is built on trust and respect. Relationships aren't built in a day and can take years to make and decades to maintain.


The Result

We see the best of the best and are able to pick out, first hand, from miner lots as soon as they are mined, paying reasonable rates which we pass on to you. 

All our stones are priced at very much below wholesale rates.

About Us

We are 4th Generation Gemstone Dealers


Brought up in Kenya, spending most holidays and Saturdays at our Jewelry shop our parents had, we were fascinated  with colored stones and would spend hours in front of the gem cabinets, looking, feeling and touching, at the same time looking at all the miners coming in (covered in dirt) to sell their stones. It was set in our blood. 

Got into the gem trade as soon as i could and based ourselves at the gem capital of East Africa, Arusha, where for 12 years, every day we would meet miners and brokers, sometimes over 500 a day (i had to have 20 cups of tea a day just to keep my throat moist) buying the best and cutting with our in-house lapidary. Here is where we learnt how important quality is and quality is what sells as we were cutting to sell to an International market.

Today we are known for quality. We have hundreds and hundreds of people who are continuously buying from us, many of whom have been buying from us for the last 15 years and trust us.

Anyone can buy from us.


You dont have to be a trade buyer to buy from us, we sell to everyone using the internet. Its just a game changer. 

We sell to collectors, jewelers, individuals, gem dealers, gem wholesalers, re-sellers, desingers and more...

Stones move fast


Stones move very fast as they are priced to sell. All are Natural, Unheated, Untreated unless otherwise stated. All pics are of item you are buying not stock photos.