A note on our selection.

Our Selection is the Creme de la Creme, cherry picked best stones from miner lots.


We select only the best from the miners lots, cherry picking the best stones for color, shape and clarity, sometimes only 1 stone in a kilo sometimes one stone in 5 kilos, depending on the clarity, shape, size and color and of course general attractiveness and beauty of the individual stones. Only buying the best, the cleanest the most vivid. Only buying stones we can cut ourselves.

Knowing many of the miners personally we get first hand selection at the best stones that come out from East Africa.  We are heavily networked, knowing miners from all over East Africa and developing supply relationships with them. We select, first hand, material as it comes out from the mines, sometimes within minutes of it being mined and We Pick Out the BEST Stones. What we buy and offer out is above the quality of what is commonly available, we offer out the BEST of what comes out from the East African Region. 

What you see on this site is site is probably the best that comes in from the miners, the top of the top, the crème de la crème. 

We believe in Long Term relationships, both with buyers and miners. Relationships built over decades.

Good quality stones are more expensive to acquire and miners want top prices for their good rough. Be not mistaken, miners are well aware of international prices and quality factors influencing price. 

Our stones move fast, stocks keep on changing continuously. If there is anything you like, please take it immediately! All stones are unique, individual and good investments, as no two stones can ever be the same, so when its gone, its gone. 

Good facet rough are assets with prices going up all the time. They can be kept in rough form, traded and cut when needed.